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We are physician assistant and nurse practitioner recruiters.

As a member of the family of brands Advanced Practice Recruiters specializes in the recruitment of Advanced Practitioners including Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other Advanced Practice Nurses.
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Advanced Practice Recruiters serves the careers of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. In providing optimal customer service we are recognized as the nationwide leader for finding Physician Assistant Jobs and Nurse Practitioner Jobs. When you contact us we work diligently to find the practice opportunity that meets your professional and personal needs.Services for Clinicians
As one of the highest in-demand professions in the United States, Physician Assistants are spread thin among available jobs. PAs are meeting the patient demand across all medical specialties from Orthopedic Surgery to Neurology. If you are hiring a PA or if you are PA seeking jobs we are prepared to help.Physician Assistant Recruiters
Our name was derived from the term Advanced Practice Nurse that includes Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs, Nurse Midwives, and Clinical Nurse Specialists. If you need to hire a nurse practitioner or you are seeking nurse practitioner jobs we have the resources to help you.Nurse Practitioner Recruiters
As an Employer seeking a Physician Assistant Recruiters or Nurse Practitioner Recruiters you have found the right partner for your recruiting needs, you will not find a better partner for hiring practitioners. E-Mail us today: or call 1-888-812-3452.Services for Employers

We are Physician Assistant Recruiters and Nurse Practitioner Recruiters! 

Employers are seeking the services of physician assistant recruiters and nurse practitioner recruiters due to the aggressive hiring demand for PAs and NPs. These professions have seen a 500% increase in hiring demand in just the last 4 years. To complicate things the unemployment rate for PAs and NPs is less than 3%: This means that virtually all PAs/NPs are employed. Advanced Practice Recruiters recognized these trends early on. Not only did we specialize in recruiting physician assistants and nurse practitioners we began building networks and communication platforms to aid in the recruitment of these professionals. To date we have build a proprietary data base of over 70,000 nurse practitioners and physician assistants. More than any other recruiting firm. When we begin recruiting for your job rest assured that we are reaching the market place in the most effective and efficient manner. We produce results and we only recommend the highest quality candidates for your practice opportunity. Reach out to us today to learn how our customized approach can help your practice grow.

Advanced Practice Recruiters is a member of the family of brands. is the destination for medical recruiting and medical jobs.

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What People Are Saying

“I have been working with other recruiters for close to two months now and you did this in less than one week…You are awesome, well worth recommending!”
Gwen, Nurse Practitioner
“We had over 20 recruiting agencies sign-up to help fill our vacant positions. To be honest with you 17 of those agencies are just lame ducks and they all talk the big talk, but when it comes to actually working and getting candidates to present to us you stand out above all of them. You put all of them to shame.”
Richard, Large University Hospital
“I just wanted to call and thank you for finding me the job of my dreams.”
Jackie, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
“I just want to thank you once again. I feel like you found a family member instead of an NP”
Dr. Singh, Private Practice
“You are providing us with high caliber nurse practitioners.”
Judy, COO of a Large Home Health Company

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